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Halo: Reach beta logs over a million players on first day


It looks like Bungie is well on its way to engaging its expected three million plus players for the Halo: Reach beta. According to a recent news post on, the ongoing Reach beta logged well over a million players on its first public day. Specifically, the beta saw 1,170,112 total players, who manage to frag, stick, headshot, pummel or otherwise maim one another 157,972,986 times over the 14,205,611 games played, totaling 936,864,266 seconds of play time. That's 260,240 man hours or over 29 man years.

If you prefer your jaw-dropping facts to be less numerical, Bungie concluded that the Reach beta saw more action on its first day than the Halo 3 beta did over its entire three-week run.

One stat missing from the rundown: How many jet packs were used? We're presuming the number is incalculable.

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