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Joyswag: All games from Direct2Drive 'Spring Sale' [update]


Update: The entry period is closed. Keep an eye on your email to see if you won!

Our friends at Direct2Drive have teamed up with us again to offer one lucky Joystiq reader a heapin' helping of PC gaming goodness. This time around, we're gifting every game that's part of Direct2Drive's ongoing Spring Sale event -- a total of 22 games (not counting individual games in some of the bundles). It's a massive giveaway, headlined by a bundle of intergalactic magnitude: Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Follow the rules below to enter -- and good luck!

  • Optional: Set up a Direct2Drive account in advance (it'll save time later)
  • Leave a comment telling us your favorite crew member from Mass Effect 2's Normandy SR-2 ship
  • You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the US
  • Limit 1 entry per person per calendar day
  • This entry period ends at 3:00PM ET on Wednesday, May 12
  • At that time, we'll randomly select one winner to receive all 22 PC titles (full list after the break) from Direct2Drive's Spring Sale [ARV $254]
  • For a list of complete rules, click here

What is Joyswag? Since we don't keep the games and merchandise we receive for review or promotional purposes, it becomes "Joyswag," which is passed along to our readers. Please note that Joyswag may be in "used" condition.

For more info on our policy, click here.

Direct2Drive Spring Sale lineup:

  • Mass Effect/Mass Effect 2 Bundle
  • Aion
  • Titan Quest Bundle
  • Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines
  • Sid Meier's Pirates!
  • Civilization 4 complete
  • SimCity Societies
  • Fallout 3
  • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
  • Divinity 2
  • Chessmaster 9000
  • Defense Grid
  • Majesty 2 The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
  • The Settlers: Rise of Empire Gold
  • Trine
  • Guild Wars Nightfall
  • Grand Ages Rome
  • AI War Fleet Command + Zenith Remnant Bundle
  • Europa Universalis Rome Gold
  • Dark Fall Lost Souls

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