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PlayOn wants you to PayOn, jumping into Premium price class on May 15

Vlad Savov

This world needs a better class of network streamer, and PlayOn wants to give it to you. In exchange for more greenbacks, of course. The media server software -- known for bringing Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and a bunch of other online video repositories to networked devices within the home -- is making the move up in price class from its current one-off $20 fee to a $39.99 upfront charge followed by annual recurring payments of $19.99. How does MediaMall justify such a splurge? It'll be offering a new Comedy Central channel, along with NHL, and PBS content in an ongoing effort to expand its library of media sources. If the extra choice doesn't sound like the kind of thing you'd want to pony up two Hamiltons for every year, you've got until the 15th to grab the Basic version, which will continue to be supported without further fees, but won't be available to new subscribers after that cutoff date. So, better get decidin' soon.

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