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Runes of Magic Chapter III launches May 18

Jef Reahard

Frogster has finally announced the official release date of their Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms content update for Runes of Magic. The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG will be expanding on May 18th, adding everything from a huge new region, to multiple dungeons, to a multitude of new quests.

The new area is the continent of Zandorya, presided over by the monarchy of Dalanis which is in turn ruled by the child-king Callaway. Adventurers will be tasked with restoring the glory of the old Dalanis dynasty and subduing the forces of chaos at work in the kingdom. Players at level 55 and above can already access the first territory from the new kingdom, an area known as Thunderhoof Hills. On May 18th, players will able to access a new collectible card system, new instance difficulty levels and reward systems, new guild castle features and minigames, as well as an expanded level cap.

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