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ComScore: Samsung edges out Motorola in US mobile market share


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Well, it doesn't look like the news is getting any better for Motorola these days --- ComScore's latest report finds that the company has slipped from its top spot in US market share among mobile OEMs into a virtual tie with Samsung and LG, with Samsung edging out Motorola by just "a fraction of a percent." They're followed by RIM and Nokia, who are now in a tie for a distant fourth place at 8.3%, and Apple, which is said to have a five percent share. Of course, these stats are just part of a broader report, but the rest of the results are a bit less surprising -- Verizon and AT&T are virtually unchanged in their position as the number one and two carriers at 31.1% and 25.2%, respectively, and the total number of subscribers in the country now stands at 234 million, of which 63.7% send text messages, 30.1% use a web browser, and 28.6% use downloaded apps.

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