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Left 4 Dead 2 gets permanent Realism Vs mode, new weekly Mutation


You guys really liked that Realism Vs mode in Left 4 Dead 2, huh? Lucky for you, Valve's Left 4 Dead Blog passes along word that it's been made into a permanent game type. Valve reports the final results of the in-game poll show 68 percent of those voting wanted it to be permanent, while only 21 percent of those voting didn't want it hanging around -- the final 11 percent really had no opinion. Apathy doesn't help kill zombies, people.

And because it's past Thursday, there's now a new Mutation to enjoy: Follow the Liter. In this Scavenger variant, the gas spawning is limited to a solitary can in one location known to both the Survivors and the Infected. Sounds like Mad Max -- you know, but with zombies.

The Left 4 Dead Blog offers more details and teases us with next week's Mutation title: Last Gnome on Earth. You think that's a The World of David the Gnome reference?

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