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MMO Roundup: Massively's week in review

Shawn Schuster

Another busy week in MMO news from Joystiq sister site, as Cryptic admits a third MMO is in the works and the Fallen Earth team loses 80% of its staff. Keep reading below for more on these stories and the rest of the week's events.
Want to make your own MMO? Try Ryzom's open source code
The people behind Ryzom have been hinting for days that something big was on the way, leaving players speculating about what it could be. There were a lot of guesses flying around out there, but it's safe to say nobody saw this coming: Ryzom is now open source.
THQ says Warhammer 40K MMO doesn't need a million subscribers
We all know game developers love to announce big numbers. A million of this, ten million of that, forty million of the other. No thanks, says THQ -- our Warhammer 40K MMO will be just fine without all that. The Warhammer 40k team is small and very experienced, so they have the advantage of skipping a lot of expensive trial-and-error, moving straight to building the game right.
Cryptic to announce new MMO later this summer
With Star Trek Online and Champions Online chewing the scenery and igniting passions on both sides of the aisle, it's sometimes easy to forget that Cryptic Studios has a third project brewing in secrecy. Long rumored to be a D&D MMO -- perhaps even Neverwinter Nights -- the Cryptic folks have been, well, cryptic about the title.

Blood of the Empire may reveal the secrets of The Old Republic
The always-analytical team over at Darth Hater have turned their attention -- and magnifying glasses -- on the new TOR webcomic in the hopes of discovering hints for the MMO. The first issue of Blood of the Empire, entitled "Shades of the Sith," went up on The Old Republic's website a couple weeks ago, and as with the previous Threat of Peace comic, BioWare's cooperation with the project may be a subtle delivery mechanism for TOR secrets.
SOE unveils The Agency Facebook game, announces The Agency will be at E3
Hey, remember that time Sony Online Entertainment trademarked "The Agency Covert Ops" and we all wondered why? Now we know. It turns out that you're going to be able to play The Agency while you wait for The Agency to launch.
Rumor: Will Final Fantasy XIV be delayed until 2011?
For those of us looking forward to new releases this year, Final Fantasy XIV is one of the few hopes we have that doesn't involve expansions. Unfortunately, a nasty little rumor has been spreading around: that it's not going to be coming out this year after all. The run of login issues that the alpha test has been experiencing has prompted more than a few people to believe that the game is having some serious problems, and we've received a few tips from our readers, as well as a tip-off from an industry insider.
Fallen Earth team responds to layoff concerns
Icarus dropped quite a bombshell on the gaming world late last week with the restructuring of the Fallen Earth team. Restructuring in this case led to the layoff of the vast majority of the staff, leaving the Fallen Earth community shocked and wondering what this meant for the game.

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