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Orange UK announces iPad Wi-Fi + 3G data plan pricing for UK


They may have a hung parliament in the UK, but at least they know what to do about iPad data plan pricing.

Fast on the heels of Apple's announcement of iPad availability in a number of international locales, we've heard from Orange UK about what they'll be charging iPad Wi-Fi + 3G owners for data plans in the UK.

First and foremost is a "pay for what you use" data plan charging 5p per MB of usage each month up to £40 per month (about US$60 at current rates, a little bit more than the $29.95 "unlimited" plan available in the States). The small print says that this plan is subject to fair usage, meaning that you're limited to 750 MB of usage on that plan -- in other words, you'll never get to that £40 maximum.

If you crave additional data, Orange has four optional bundles, all with an maximum allowed data consumption. The best plan appears to be the iPad Monthly 25, providing 10 GB of 3G data consumption plus unlimited browsing at BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots for £25 per month. A copy of the Orange UK pricing chart follows this post; click the Read More link below to view it.

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

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