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2K on the challenge of marketing BioShock 2


Speaking with the[a]listdaily, 2K Games' Matt Gorman and Tom Bass discussed the marketing strategy behind BioShock 2. With BioShock being one of the best games of 2007, Bass saw its legacy as both "a blessing and a curse" for the sequel. The challenge was twofold, according to Bass, who said that 2K had to sell the game to fans who "weren't convinced that they needed a sequel" and also to newcomers who might not have been familiar with the original.

At the same time, BioShock 2 was given much more attention from retailers thanks to the success of its predecessor. "With the second one, retail was super stoked for it and just the level of presence we were given was amazing," said Gorman, adding that the community built around the original helped to "evangelize" the sequel. Finally, Gorman said that the team was happy with the reception of BioShock 2, noting, "There were few times you could turn around and not see BioShock 2 during February."

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