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The Australian Store is back up -- and iPads are ready for pre-order


Although we're tempted to write a cute folksy post full of "G'day", "Mate", and "Wombat", we will refrain from the obvious. After all, we have too big a debt of gratitude to Australia (from the Wiggles to John Noble to Violet Crumble) to go that route. So, keeping it simple, here's a simple update that the Australian online Apple Store has gone offline, most likely in preparation for iPad preorders.

So keep your eyes open and let us know what you see when the store comes back.

One more thing: Aussie Aussie iPad! Oi oi oi![1]

[1]We couldn't help ourselves there. Sorry. We just love Australia! (Update: Yes, the link is correct. Read the post in re the Australian connection.)

Update: The store is back up. The iPad pre-order page still says: "Coming late May, Pre-order on 10 May."

Update: Australians can now pre-order iPads, starting at A$629, approximately $560 in US currency. The highest end 64 GB 3G model retails for $1049 ($932)

To obtain 3G service, Australians are told to purchase a 3G iPad, and then contact a carrier that offers iPad data plans to obtain a microSIM card.

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