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Sonos update turns wireless S5 speaker into a premium 'stereo pair'


The ZonePlayer S5 launch was an important milestone for Sonos as it attempts to bring down the cost (and raise the appeal) of its excellent whole-home music delivery system. Now we've got a bit of good news for those of you who already picked up a few of the $399 all-in-one wireless speakers we reviewed back in October. A 3.2 software update for the Sonos controller and iPod touch / iPhone apps will be released sometime this month letting you assign left and right audio channels to a pair of S5 speakers. The result should be impressive since the portable units can already easily fill the average room with sound on their own. The update will provide owners of multiple S5s with a temporary option for parties, especially if you decide to take the show outdoors... assuming you can still celebrate knowing that you're listening to two-channel audio on $800 worth of speakers. Hey, at least the software update is free.

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