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Yahoo!: iPad users skew male and middle-aged


Yahoo!'s mobile blog has shared some interesting demographic data about the iPad users they've seen so far. Some of the results are unsurprising. Given that the iPad is still in its youthful days, the users tend to match the typical early adopter profile: male, older, and wealthy enough to afford and use a cutting-edge piece of consumer technology. Compared to the average Yahoo! user, iPad users on Yahoo! skew higher in the 30-54 age range, peaking between 35 and 44.

In terms of interests, Yahoo! notices that iPad users on its sites go for Flickr more than anything else, which they say lines up with the iPad as a content consumption device. The Finance, News, and Sports sites also got more traffic than the rest of the network (which, again, makes sense with a male 30-54 audience). And Yahoo! also finds that many iPad users also have iPhones -- nearly half of them had visited Yahoo! with an iPhone previously.

They're also finding that even though international users are getting the iPad late, a good portion of them didn't bother waiting -- 10% of traffic from the iPad audience comes from overseas. Interesting. Of course, this is only looking at those iPad users who have visited Yahoo! sites, and certainly these numbers are probably a little different from the iPad's audience in general. But as a pretty large cross-section, these numbers mostly match up to expectations.

[via Techmeme]

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