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Borders Kobo joins eReader frenzy, iPhone, iPad apps out


In a move we all should have seen coming, Borders has announced the Kobo, its US$149 eReader and Kindle/Nook competitor. It will launch in June with an accompanying eBook store, stocked with more than a million titles.

There are iPad and iPhone apps out now, and both are free. The odd thing is that they both look gorgeous on the iDevices' color screens as compared to the Kobo's greyscale display, and offer wireless access to the store, which the reader does not.

The 8-ounce device features E Ink technology and tidy dimensions, measuring approximately 4.7 x 7.2 x 0.4 inches. The Kobo boasts 1 GB of memory and a battery charge that will reportedly last two weeks. It features Bluetooth, but book transfers are done via the included desktop software over USB.

The Kobo will be available starting on June 17th (Borders is accepting pre-orders now), just in time to make dad wonder why he doesn't deserve an iPad for Father's Day.

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