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Bungie talks Reach issues, promises fixes for release


If you've been playing the Halo: Reach beta -- and, statistically, you probably have -- you've likely noticed a lot a changes compared to Halo 3. Look a little closer and you'll find something more sinister: bugs, glitches, issues. Of course, it is a beta test, so such things are expected. Still, in the latest weekly update, the folks at Bungie decided to calm our fears and explain that things will be fixed for the final release this fall. Among the issues addressed: teammates stealing flags in Stockpile, barely visible aiming reticules and the ad nauseam barrage of "Flag taken ... flag dropped" in CTF matches. Bungie assures fans that these and other issues have already been fixed in the current build of Reach.

In other Reach news, Bungie has posted a handy beta survival guide compiled by community member Shake Appeal. If you're having trouble adjusting to the new weapons, abilities and overall feel of Halo: Reach, you may want to give the guide a once over.

Source - Bungie Weekly Update 5.07.10
Source - Halo: Reach beta survival guide

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