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CBS will roll out HTML5 compliant portal for iPad


Watching TV on an iPad is a joy. Prop it up, plug in some speakers, turn it on its side and sit back. You can carry it with you as you move about and the epic battery life permits episode after episode. The only drawback right now is the lack of content (I'm looking at you, Hulu). Fortunately, networks like CBS are keen to get on board.

This week, CBS VP Anthony Soohoo described his company's plans to create an iPad-compatible portal in an interview with NewTeeVee (video after the break). For now, Soohoo explains, full episodes of Survivor and clips from selected shows are available in HTML5. The network are taking what they learn in getting those shows out to bring their other titles to the HTML5 standard, and expect to achieve full content parity in time for the fall premieres.

While ABC is using an app to distribute shows to the iPad, Soohoo confirms that the network does not have plans for a dedicated app just now, and will focus on a HTML5 portal instead.

For me, the money quote comes at the beginning of the interview, when Soohoo says, "At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you watch content on television, on your mobile device or on your PC." That's exactly right. Who cares if I buy a record vs. a CD vs. a digital file? I'm still consuming the content. Soohoo even notes that the iPad's multi-touch capabilities offer unique advertising options.

It's nice to see a "suit" who gets it.

[Via MacRumors]

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