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Engadget HD Podcast 192 - 05.11.2010

Trent Wolbe

It must be The Cable Show week, because we've got lots of news regarding your local TV providers, from new FCC regs allowing for Selectable Output Control, a new tru2way guide from Cox to debate over how people use DVRs and what the future of TV is. We've got some Blu-ray chat as well, from the newly 5.1's classic Psycho to DVD2BLU changes, plus what's coming up -- and what isn't -- from DirecTV. We'll wrap things up with Samsung and Panasonic's 3D glasses conundrum, new Energy Star requirements and a bit of dreaming about the HDTV we will have, or the home theater we wish we had.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh, Richard Lawler

Producer: Trent Wolbe

02:57 - FCC will let the MPAA disable analog outputs, kind of
12:20 - Cox "Plus Package" brings advanced Trio UI, 500GB multiroom DVR and more HD channels
17:56 - Study finds commercial-skipping DVRs don't affect purchases, 'TiVo effect' may not exist
23:20 - Mark Cuban foretells Netflix demise, sees a future filled with on-demand video

29:05 - Cablevision starts "limited deployment" of network DVR
30:37 - Psycho gets 5.1 surround for the first time on Blu-ray

36:00 - Warner's DVD2Blu trade-up program gets bigger, cheaper (maybe)
41:05 - DirecTV Q1 results are great for profits, multi-room viewing and RVU -- but not DirecTiVo
44:44 - DirecTV quickly signs up the first baseball 3D broadcast
48:05 - Samsung and Panasonic 3DTVs use same active shutter glasses tech, but are (mostly) incompatible
50:38 - Energy Star 4.0 goes into effect for HDTVs, puts 'em on a diet
54:09 - Electronic House crowns 2010 Home of the Year award winners
58:25 - Ask Engadget HD: How do I take my home theater to the next level?


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