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God of War novel ravages retail May 25, first chapter online


The official God of War novel, based on the "thrilling video game," will spill its entrails of words all over bookstore shelves May 25, 2010. In the meantime, the prologue and first chapter of the book are available for Medusa's gaze online [PDF link]. Be warned, however, Kratos' transition from video game to literature may be a little tough to swallow. An excerpt:

"His only dream now is of oblivion.
He has been called the Ghost of Sparta. He has been called the Fist of Ares and the Champion of Athena. He has been called a warrior. A murderer. A monster.
He is all of these things. And none of them.
His name is Kratos, and he knows who the real monsters are."

If you're comfortable with that, then the rest won't feel like a grueling Olympic event.

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