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Hero: 108 Online wages war in closed beta


If you didn't think that 14th century Chinese novels would have any impact on your life in the 21st century, then you obviously aren't a fan of the hit Cartoon Network series Hero: 108. Based on a book called "Water Margin," Hero:108 is the hyper-kinetic tale of a country where a bad dude named "High Roller" (did old China have a version of Las Vegas?) who pits animals against humans, just because. Happily, there's a group of rebels who are trying to bring peace, per standard cartoon series contract, and they're looking for your help in the fight. Also, there are turtle tanks.

Hero: 108 Online is a MMOG that takes some of the best parts of the series and enables fans and newcomers alike to try their hand at fast-paced combat through this bizarre alternate reality. Utilizing the four powers of wind, water, fire and earth, players can get a taste of the game as it has recently hit closed beta. During the CB, there are several GM-sponsored events taking place, including safaris which take players on tours of some of the more dangerous areas in the game.

If this sounds like an interesting change of pace to you, head on over to Hero: 108 Online's site and sign up for the closed beta!

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