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LG Ally up for preorder on Thursday, launching on May 20?

Chris Ziegler

We should know a whole lot more about this situation at an Iron Man 2-themed LG event taking place later today, but BGR appears to have scored full details on LG's upcoming Android-equipped Ally for Verizon along with a couple key dates. Most importantly, it sounds like the landscape QWERTY slider will be available in "all channels" (read: telesales and brick-and-mortar stores) on May 20, preceded by an online pre-order this Thursday, May 13. It's got Eclair, a 3.2 megapixel cam, 4GB microSD card in-box, and a Qualcomm MSM7627 core -- the same midrange silicon that powers the Moto Devour. Against the Droid, this bad boy appears to slot just underneath in the range, but a little choice never hurt anyone, did it?

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