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Nintendo once again tops the Develop 100


Develop magazine has published its latest Develop 100, a list of 100 video game developers ranked by the amount of money they made at UK retail. There's a digital version of the whole book online, but the list is available in quick-browse form over on the website, and there are plenty of big industry names. Nintendo has topped the list -- it did the same thing a few years ago before Blizzard stole the No. 1 spot last time around (down to No. 80 this year).

Infinity Ward, a development house whose best days may be behind it, sits at No. 2. The biggest surprise in the top 10 may be Yuke's at No. 9, the company behind a long history of wrestling titles and creators of the popular UFC Undisputed line. It's been around this list before, though, having reached as high as No. 8 a few years ago. Midway Newcastle is on the list at No. 90, despite having shut down last year.

The US claims both the most studios on the list (40 percent) as well as the most profit earned (£484.78 million). And, in general, profits are up from previous years -- Nintendo itself is making about £70 million more than it did the last time it was in first place. Remember, these are all UK totals, but Develop has worked hard to make a fairly representative list of worldwide developers.

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