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Sony slapped with two more class-action suits over Other OS removal


As if one lawsuit regarding the removal of the Other OS functionality from the PlayStation 3 wasn't enough, two more class-action suits have been filed against Sony, reports IGN. Earlier this month, Todd Densmore and Antal Herz (of Georgia and California, respectively) filed a class-action suit against Sony, alleging that firmware update 3.2.1 (which removed the Other OS feature) made various features of the console unusable -- features that the suit claims weren't allowed to be removed without compensation, per the console's Terms of Service and System Software License Agreement.

Furthermore, a group of five US citizens filed a second suit in late April, also claiming "lost money" given the removed functionality. Both suits can be found in full here and here (warning: PDF links), and for its part, Sony reps have said "the company does not comment on pending litigation." Potentially, if the first of these two suits were to get anywhere, the implications would be rather large, as the "class" in this case includes "anyone who purchased a PlayStation 3 from November 17, 2006 to March 27, 2010 and folks who continue to own their console as of March 27, 2010."

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