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Apple promising fix for iPad Wi-Fi


Since launch, iPad users have complained of issues with the Wi-Fi dropping out or fading. These problems were often fixed by solutions as weird as just raising and lowering the display brightness settings. Originally, Apple said the issue was probably with problem routers and crossed signals, but now they've fessed up that it seems to be a software problem, and a software fix is on the way.

We don't know when the software update will happen, of course, but Tuesdays are a good guess for the next few weeks. Hopefully we'll see a fix soon for beleaguered iPad owners still dealing with the problem. Strangely enough, Apple also admits that changing the brightness may actually help the problem. We originally scoffed at that one, since it sounded pretty hokey, but maybe voltages or code got mixed up somewhere, and that's what the software update is designed to fix.

[via Engadget]

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