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Humble Indie Bundle extended, pulls in over $1 million

Justin McElroy

If you haven't gotten in on the Humble Indie Bundle, which packages five great indie games for a price of your choosing, you've still got time -- the sale (which also benefits charities like Child's Play) has been extended after making over $1.1 million in just a few days. And now, as if all but giving away their games wasn't thanks enough, the devs are giving back by making four of the games in the bundle (Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra Overture) open source.

At this rate, there's no way they can legitimately call the next one the "Humble Indie Bundle 2," can they? Dudes are rolling in it. Let's just say we're eagerly anticipating the "Go Pick Up My Suit From the Dry Cleaner Semi-Indie Bundle Fueled by Dew" in 2011.

[Thanks, killerrin]

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