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Laser projector stuck to Wii Remote for faux 360-degree immersion

We can already see a hot new trend surfacing in the gaming hardware modding world: Hastily conceived designs featuring the handheld ShowWX laser projector. Yesterday, we saw what happens when the pint-sized display was adhered to an iPhone 3GS; today, we see how Nirav Patel managed to stick the projector (and a Spacepoint Fusion gyrometer) to a Zapper-equipped Wii Remote. The result is a somewhat disorienting 360-degree "virtual reality" display, which is just perfect for playing simple, open source first-person shooters with.

Check out a video after the jump to see Patel's projectorgun in action. We'd hate to find ourselves on the business end of that bad boy.

[Via Hack a Day]

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