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Mafia 2 dev diary takes care of some business


For gangsters, it's not all slick suits and waiting around to scoop up whatever has fallen off the back of the truck. Sometimes, you have to roll up the sleeves of that expensive suit you can't explain how you have come to possess and put in some work -- some dirty work. And that's the focal point of this Mafia 2 developer diary.

Protagonist Vito Scaletta shows he's just as good at slinging lead as he is throwing his fists around. But, he's also not afraid to do more damage by setting cars on fire and leading the coppers on a chase around the city. Our personal favorite, however, has to be his proficiency at rolling grenades beneath cars. We like to call that move "The Lebowski."

Anyway, hit the play button on the player above and enjoy. Consider it an offer you can't refuse.

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