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OneWay for fast S/FTP uploads

TJ Luoma, @tjluoma

OneWay is a free utility that does one thing: uploads to SFTP/FTP servers directly through a context menu in the Finder. This is very handy for those times when you just want to get a file to a server with the minimal amount of fuss possible.

This isn't for doing a full sync or anything complicated -- for that you want something more like Interarchy or Transmit. It's not even for downloading; hence the name "OneWay." Instead, it's for fast and painless uploads.

There's only one feature that I would really like to see added: the ability to copy a public URL for a file after uploading it to a web server. I suggested this to the author, who agreed and said to look for that feature in a future update.

OneWay requires 10.5 or above. Source code is available on GitHub, and you can find the download link at the Source URL below.
[via OneThingWell]

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