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Ridiculous Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory controller gives Steel Battalion fans new hope

Tim Stevens

If you're a lover of unnecessarily large and comically styled controllers, chances are you've been a bit depressed lately with all this Sony Move and Microsoft Natal talk, tech that could do away with fancy add-ons altogether. But Hori, at least, is continuing to follow the righteous path of giant peripherals with this bodacious add-on for Square Enix's Wii port of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory, an arcade game with a name long enough to be worthy of such a mighty gamepad. Sadly, this collectible card game really only requires three buttons: a big red one, a big blue one, and the sword, which is simply pushed downward to activate special attacks. It pales in comparison to the two control sticks, three pedals, and 40 buttons of Steel Battalion, but sometimes it's the visual impact that really counts.

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