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Split/Second game modes pit car against helicopter


We all know the best way to take down a helicopter -- been there, done that -- but this new Split/Second trailer shows us how to do it while behind the wheel of a race car. Enter: game modes Air Strike and Air Revenge.

In Air Strike mode, you must try to survive as long as you can, racing around a track while an attack chopper fires missiles at you from above. You're granted three lives and the longer you last, the better you do. Aside from how unfair it is to have to dodge missiles, it's a pretty self-explanatory mode.

Air Revenge puts a twist on Air Strike by allowing you to retaliate against your airborne nemesis. By avoiding missiles, you earn power instead of points, allowing you to jam the chopper's radar and send its own ordinance flying back at it. Take down the chopper, and you win. All these words too much for you? Visual learners need simply hit the play button up top.

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