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Steve Jobs of interviews past


Steve Jobs is going to appear at the latest All Things Digital conference, and to celebrate the rare appearance of the CEO outside of an Apple event, All Things Digital has posted a few historic interviews with Jobs from conferences past. The first is from 2003 (also posted after the break on this post), and Kara Swisher will be posting the others weekly up until the new conference. None of it is new material, obviously, but it's very interesting to see Jobs' thinking a few years ago, knowing what we know today about what Apple was hoping to do with the iPhone and, now, the iPad. If you don't want to wait for Swisher to post the latest ones, you can check out our posts from when the events actually happened.

He, of course, denies that Apple is working on a tablet (would the Internet have believed it if he'd told them about the iPad anyway?). However, when he talks about a personal computer as a content hub and how it is "integral to our digital lifestyle," you can see flickers of the vision that he had of us sitting on the couch, receiving the world through this book-sized device.

These interviews probably aren't for everyone. For those of you who are interested, not only in what Apple is doing next but also in what they were doing "next" five years ago, they are definitely worth a watch.

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