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The Classifieds: One million gold in his pocket


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The road to level 85 will be paved with gold for one lucky guild being financed by a member who's earned 1 million gold in the past six months. Reader Villainus managed to crank his bank account up to 1 million gold last week. His ultimate goal? Sharing the wealth. "I'm not selling anything, not advertising on my site ... just did it for the challenge," he wrote to "My plans so far are to help my guild power level to 85 for Cataclysm with basically unlimited funds. :)"

Villainus' entire savings project took six months and began with 1,000 gold, a rudimentary understanding of the Auction House, no addons and no stock of items. On the blog where he documented his work in progress, he noted these facts along the way:

  • Averaged 46,080g per week in profit
  • 1500+ active auctions at any one time
  • Largest single day gain: 51,781g
  • Largest single day loss: 18,254g
  • Single Iceblade Arrow sales: 16,374g
  • Rare and epic spellthread profit: 81,313g
  • Gold earned from GDKPs: 28,312g
  • Gold spent at GDKPs: 71,210g
  • Vendor pets profit: 19,448g
  • Largest profit from a single item: Ring of Rotting Sinew 9,512g
  • Largest % profit from item: Plans : Titanium Razorplate 3,308%, 80g to 2,646g
  • Most expensive item purchased: Deathbringer's Will 17,000g
  • Most expensive item sold: Mechano-hog 15,210g
  • Gold lost to AH 5% fee: 64,712g

What's next for Villainus? "I plan to still run my markets but at a much more relaxed pace," he blogs. "I have my addons and processes down to a quick 70 minutes/day to post and craft everything I need done. That's 30 minutes in the morning to craft and post, 20 minutes before rush hour (6-7 p.m.) to repost and 20 minutes after raids end (11-12 p.m.) to restock the AH." Check out Villainus' blog to read how he accumulated 1 million gold in six months, plus his ideas on how it could be done even faster and more efficiently.

News: Around the WoW community

Does your guild raid in the old world? We're looking for you! One of the most common requests we get here at The Classifieds is help finding groups who regularly raid in older, vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade-era content. Whether you're a retro raider (including raiders of appropriate level and above) or a classic raider (adhering to strict level and gear caps appropriate to the content you raid), let us know where to find your group. Drop us a line at with your guild's name, realm and faction, along with your web site address. We'll list your group in an upcoming installment of The Classifieds.

Random Acts of Uberness

Philosophy, <Invented the Piano Tie>, US Bladefist-H Philosophy made the School of Hard Knocks achievement have fewer hard knocks. After the initial zerg rush to get to a tower in Alterac Valley, a group of non-PvP alliance players were understandably helpless. In steps Philosophy, who repeatedly claimed the flag on the tower and waited there for each player to click the flag. In spite of some Alliance players who felt this was ruining the PvP, he fought off any contenders ... and then returned to claim the flag for us helpless people. He could have left after the first attack, but instead he stayed at that tower for the whole fight to help us out. He deserves many thanks. -- Tamara and Xenthya, <Knights of Eternal Glory>, US Lightbringer-A

Muddflaps, Leperseed and Gazmatron, <Abyssal>, US Kel'Thuzad-A So I'm questing in the Dragonblight and I try to solo a few of the wanted poster group quests. Despite my best bubble-healing, I couldn't down any of them. Muddflaps, Leperseed and Gazmatron were awesome enough to bring me along while helping their guildmate Gazmatron. We got them all done really quickly, and I'm now I'm 20% closer to level 77! They were a really friendly group of people. Thanks again from Angelforge! -- Angelforge, US Kel'Thuzad-A

Allistria, Greiver and Justicara, <Patience>, US Kul Tiras-A Finding a dungeon finder group that clicks is rare -- but it totally happened the other day. Allistria, Greiver and Justicara, all from the guild <Patience> in Kul Tiras, ended up in a random dungeon with a guild member and me last night. Not only were they totally competent -- we ended up doing three dungeons together, two of them orange for most of us, without a single problem -- but they were friendly, relaxed and helpful. I almost missed an upgrade on my robe due to extreme tiredness, and they pointed it out. So thank you to all three of them; they made for an exciting and enjoyable night. -- Anonymous

Djmill/Len of US Elune-A I queue up for a random dungeon and get Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom. As a level 73, this is my first random that isn't Nexus or UK, so I'm pretty psyched. I get even more excited when I find out that our tank, Djmill, is a level 80 warrior with 33k HP buffed; sweet! I quickly peruse the members of the group and realize that the resto shaman, Len, is in the warrior's guild. A couple of minutes into the dungeon, however, I realize something is off. The mobs are going down waaaay too fast. I know Djmill is an 80, but come on, I don't even have time to put my diseases up. After the first boss goes down in 12 seconds, I definitely realize that something is not right. I check the warrior's gear and spec, and realize that he's an ICC-geared fury warrior. Woah. I check Recount, and he's spanking 8k DPS! None of the other DPS are doing more than 600 because we don't even have time to start our rotations or anything.

As we're running along, basically watching Djmill wipe the dungeon off the face off the earth, I realize that Len isn't doing much at all. I check Recount, and her activity level is almost zero. One of our other DPS almost dies during the Jedoga Shadowseeker fight and starts complaining about the healer not doing anything. Djmill then elaborates, saying that he's dual-boxing and running his shaman, Len, on another account, through the dungeon. Ohhhh ... It all makes sense now! We killed Herald Volazj, and the whole run ended up taking only 9 minutes. Pure epic. Thank you Djmill, for making this young death knight's day with the most painless dungeon run ever. I had the pleasure of getting in another random with Djmill and Len, this time Azjol Nerub, taking a whopping 8 minutes this time. -- Danteriusjr, US Magtheridon-A

Employment: Guild recruiting

  • 10-man strict <Dirty Little Secret> (US Nazgrel-H) is recruiting 10-man strict raiders to continue progressing through ICC into hard modes. "We are recruiting any class/spec," notes their recruiter. "As long as you enjoy raiding and have fun doing it, you'll be a good fit."
  • Friendly raiding <Storm Bringers> (US Aman'thul-H) is recruiting more members for ICC-10 (5/12) and ICC-25 (4/12), particularly healers and tanks. "We're a friendly, open guild that's been running for over two years and looking to advance our progression," writes their recruiter. Raids Wed./Thurs./Sat./Sun. 7:30-11:30 p.m. server time (AEST).
  • ICC raiding <Morbid Curiosity> (US Kirin Tor-H) is seeking to fill out its roster with "friendly folks who value a good time, lich slaps, odd guild notes and the occasional long walk on the beach," notes their recruiter. "We value good personality and willingness to learn over gear, and we love people who know their class and come prepared." Especially seeking resto, cat and balance druids; shadow priests; rogues; hunters; warlocks; elemental and enhancement shaman; and ret pallies. Raids ICC-10 Wed. 10 p.m.-2 a.m. server/CST, Sun. 10 p.m.-1 a.m.; ICC-25 Tues./Thurs. 10 p.m.-1 a.m.; and other Mon. 10 p.m.-1 a.m.
  • Anniversary recruiting <The Conclave of Shadows> (US Misha-A) marked their second anniversary last week with multiple events, culminating in a full-day scavenger hunt. Already a fairly large, social guild, the group is also seeking to add more players for a second, late-night ICC-10 group and a regular ICC-25 group.
  • More anniversary growth <Champions of the Dawn> (US Eonar-A), a casual group that just celebrated its fifth year as a guild, is seeking a few more members for late-night raids plus an early-bird ICC-10 group starting at 7 p.m. EST.
  • Save Euripides ( blogger Basil Berntsen) from dying in void zones! <Aetherial Circle> (US Drenden-A) is recruiting healers for ICC-25 normal two to three nights a week; currently on the Lich King P2. "Evidently, Rip stands in a lot of fires," writes Euripides. "Full on hunters; tame feral druids welcome."

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