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Cataclysm Leak: Mastery formulas

Michael Sacco

Update: The Nihilum Wiki is currently password-protected, but the mastery information is available here.

The Nihilum Wiki has been making some great discoveries in the Cataclysm alpha client files, including new UI elements, factions, and titles, but here's some of what we know you really like: math. They've broken down how each talent point you spend in a tree will bolster your spec's three mastery bonuses.

Brief summary for those who haven't been following: each talent point you spend in your "main" tree will give you three separate bonuses that benefit your class, scaling up as you get more points. The first two are basic bonuses like spell power or melee haste, while the third is one specific to your class, such as a chance for your healing spells to splash to nearby targets.

Formulas after the break.

For example, a single point spent in your shaman's elemental tree will give the following effects:

  • Spell Damage + 0.157%
  • Spell Crit + 0.157%
  • Chance to proc Elemental Overload + 0.5%
Doesn't seem like much. When you've capped out your tree's mastery points at 51, though, the numbers look much better, rounding off to about the following:
  • Spell Damage + 8%
  • Spell Crit + 8%
  • Chance to proc Elemental Overload + 25%
But there's more! The mastery stat, which you'll find on gear in the new 78+ Cataclysm zones, will also augment your third "major" mastery bonus further. Pretty neat trick, making a stat that's useful for every class and does 30 different things.

With the knowledge that the expansion is still very much in the testing phase and these numbers likely aren't final, you can check out the full spread of mastery formulas over at the Nihilum Wiki. Nice work, guys!

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