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IntensaFIRE chip will turbocharge your PS3 controller


If you want rapid-fire capabilities on your PS3 controller, but don't want to trust a potentially crummy third-party device, BGRMods has the crazy, MacGyver-esque solution to your problem. Originally released for the Xbox 360, the IntensaFIRE board uses a little custom circuit board to add autofire to the stock controller.

While that version required glue, the PS3 version looks even simpler (though still kind of crazy) -- you snap the chip over the chip on the Dual Shock 3's motherboard, and you have turbo on the R1, R2, and X buttons, with customizable settings controlled by the D-pad.

If you're daring enough to try this, make sure you have the CECHZC2U model of Dual Shock 3, and the $69.95 it costs to pre-order one.

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