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Marvel Super Hero Squad Online images released by Gazillion


Gazillion Entertainment has officially announced the first of its MMO games based on Marvel properties, the unfairly adorable Super Hero Squad Online. How are we supposed to resist the idea of playing as Chibi Thor or Widdle Silver Surfer in "Super Hero City"?

This game allows players "to be their favorite Super Heroes in a living online world," as long as said players don't mind being (almost literally) Nerfed versions of those heroes. Players can join up with friends to form squads to fight evil together. Of course, they can also collect items for their customizable personal spaces.

If you'd like to see these lil' heroes (and the game) in action, GameTrailers TV will debut a trailer on Friday at 12:30 AM.

Update: Gazillion informed us that these are CG images and therefore don't precisely reflect the actual game's visuals.

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