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Namco Bandai predicts sales for Dead to Rights, Splatterhouse


During a recent investor's presentation, Namco Bandai relayed some projections for a few of its top titles -- specifically, recent releases Clash of the Titans and Dead to Rights: Retribution and upcoming Splatterhouse and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. The presentation is available here, though due to the fact that it's in some foreign language (what are they speaking, Klingon?), we defer to Siliconera's translation.

For Clash and DtR, Namco Bandai isn't expecting either to clear a million units: each is projected to sell around 700,000 copies. That's certainly nothing to scoff at. Namco Bandai has higher hopes for Splatterhouse and Majin, however, predicting sales of one million for each.

Really? A million units? Sure, we've heard that "sex sells," but charmingly bumbling monsters and bloody, deformed hockey mask-garbed behemoths? People can't possibly be into either of those things, right?

[Via Siliconera]

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