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Species and advanced careers unleashed in Star Wars: The Old Republic


Okay fans, you can finally sit back and quit wearing out the the edge of your seat. Star Wars: The Old Republic has revealed its first species. That's right! In an exclusive play session with Bioware revealed the first non-human species whose story you will be able to tell: Rattataki. This pale-skinned Near-Human species from the Guter Wade system in the Outer Rim is the same as the infamous Asajj Ventress of the Clone War series. Although Jake Neri, SWTOR producer for Lucasarts, admitted that the customization options will not be as in-depth as features found in Star Wars: Galaxies but there will be some variety for players.

In another exclusive -- this time from Eurogamer -- Bioware unveiled information regarding "Advanced Classes". It seems each of the 8 major classes will be split into 16 advanced career choices. According to Eurogamer, "Each Advanced Class will have its own skills and abilities that define its role on the battlefield, and in some cases grant access to new weapon and armour types." For instance, the Sith Warrior class is broken into either the Juggernaut or Marauder careers. This will not affect the story of your character, but it will determine the role your character plays in group combat.

[Update: Advance Classes information is now on the official site]

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