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The Old Republic classes get branching specializations

Eurogamer recently got an extensive look at BioWare's upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, during which time it learned the game's seemingly narrow list of eight classes will be expanded upon by offering the player specialization options. Each class will have the option of two distinct "Advanced Classes," increasing the total number of archetypes available in the game by, like ... 300 percent? Maybe?

The first two Advanced Classes revealed can be chosen by a high-level Sith Warrior, who can follow the path of the Marauder (a damage-dealing, Darth Maul-esque class) or the Juggernaut (a heavily armored, Darth Vader-esque class). Considering the former got totally cut in half by Ewan McGregor, we might appreciate the safety and security offered by the latter.

[Via BigDownload]

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