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Guild Wars 2 devs talk crafting, PvP

Jef Reahard

The folks over at have scored an impressive interview with ArenaNet Lead Developer Eric Flannum and Game Designers Ryan Scott and Isaiah Cartwright. The trio drop a few interesting nuggets about the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2. The piece touches on everything from World Versus World (WvW) PvP, to the game's unique take on healing classes, to crafting and gathering.

"We're still designing many of the specifics but players should expect crafting to enhance their adventuring experience and not be a system that tries to replace it. What I mean when I say that is that crafting will not be something players can engage in as a career without ever going out and slaying monsters and being a hero. We think that systems that allow players to do that can be a lot of fun but just aren't right for what we're doing in GW2," said Flannum.

Check out the full text over at Also be sure to look at The Flameseeker Chronicles this Monday as Rubi breaks down all of the Guild Wars 2 details flooding the net in recent days.

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