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How would you change Fusion Garage's JooJoo?

Darren Murph

Alright, so we gave you the opportunity to rant and rave on Apple's iPad last week, and it's only fitting that Fusion Garage's much-anticipated JooJoo go next. To date, it's pretty safe to say that quite a bit less (we're understating things here, obviously) JooJoo tablets have been sold than the aforesaid iPad, but that's not to say none of you have one. On the off-chance that you actually are the proud owner of a JooJoo, we couldn't be more eager to hear how you'd tweak things if given the golden opportunity. Would you make the screen a touch smaller? Alter the exterior design in any way? Swap the CPU or GPU? Toss on a different operating system? Force it to use iTunes like only a true sadist would? Go on, the floor's yours -- throw down your best advice in comments below.

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