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Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack detailed [Update: Now with screens!]


Click image to amuse yourself with some new screens

Xbox Live's Major Nelson had Infinity Ward "creative strategist" Robert Bowling on his podcast recently to talk about the upcoming Resurgence Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2. Set to release on June 3 on Xbox Live, the pack will be priced at 1200 ($15) -- the same as its predecessor, the Stimulus Pack. Resurgence will feature maps old and new, including two Call of Duty 4 maps and three new locations:
  • Vacant -- the wide open Russian office complex from CoD4
  • Strike -- the urban town surrounded by hotels from CoD4
  • Carnival -- an abandoned carnival area with a Ferris wheel, fun house and other attractions
  • Trailer Park -- full of "super tight corridors" and featuring a pool ("Mobile Estates," Bowling calls it)
  • Fuel -- a "sniper haven" based in and around an oil refinery
Bowling says that the new maps will be tied to specific playlists, just like the Stimulus maps. With the Resurgence collection, however, it's possible that all of the maps will be available in every playlist, as long as "demand is high." And, as with the previous pack, the new maps will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for a short time before coming to PC and PS3.

Update: We've got images of all five maps, which you can check out in the gallery below or by clicking the image in the post. Enjoy!

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