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For Gnomeregan! Obstacles


For Gnomeregan! is where the members of <B.L.O.G.> on US Shadow Council roleplay guild meetings as part of an in-blog and in-game RP campaign. The rules for this campaign are: no ERP (Erotic RolePlay) and no vampires (though death knights are welcome). Everyone is invited to participate. Assume that to get into the guild, you at least pretended to be in full use of your faculties and are willing to fight for the cause. You are all welcome to join us here in the comments and those who wish to play with us in-game should friend Peenk and ask for an invite on US Shadow Council-A.

For Gnomeregan!

Excuse me. Peenk runs off and returns a few moments later.

I have suffered a setback. I beleeve I have food poisoneeng. It could be a disease that doesn't affect the night elves or I could actuallee have been poisoned by one of the manee who do not want me heere. But I'm prettee sure it's my improper preparation of Kaldorei Spider Kabobs.


I'll be right back.

Peenk runs off and back again.

So my traineeng has come to a halt, for the time beeing.

Have you come across obstacles that have prevented you from advanceeng as quicklee as you intended? Perhaps there is sometheeng one of us can help you with?


Talk among yourselves. I'll be back in a bit. Maybe.

Peenk runs off.

Please join us by telling us a problem you encountered this past week (real or imagined), a setback in your questing or something else of interest while staying in character. If you are new, why have you joined the army? All the World's a Stage is a great resource and this guest post by Anna is a must-read for making new characters.

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