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New video shines a light on Runes of Magic Chapter III

Set to launch this upcoming Tuesday, May 18th, the newest addition to Runes of Magic -- Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms -- will offer players even more new content in an already rich free-to-play world. And of course, no pre-launch would be complete without a shiny new trailer to show off some of the things players can expect to see when the new areas roll out.

That's why we were glad to see that the Runes of Magic team posted a shiny new video on their Facebook feed this morning. While the video touches on Chapter I and II, it's the look at Chapter III that we're most interested in. Between the preview of Janost Forest, the new 6-man Dungeon of Dalanis, and even more ahead for the denizens of Taborea, there's quite a bit to draw in players even more than before. Mind you, if you get in this weekend, you can also take advantage of today's free surprise orb giveaway, and some other treats that Frogster Interactive has going for the end of Chapter II.

Be sure to check out the full Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms trailer behind the break!

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