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Readers pick best webcomic: Meet the Scout

It's a fact: If you choose any of Halo: Reach's armor loadouts which don't give you the ability to soar through the air, raining death down upon your enemies below, then you're a complete and total chump. Virtual Shackles' "Meet the Scout," winner of last week's Webcomic Wrapup, satirized the disparity of awesomeness inherent to the beta's character builds. That is to say, why run when you can fly or turn invisible or surround yourself with an impenetrable EMP field? We simply do not know.

Second and third place went to Digital Unrest's "The Golden Years" and Brawl in the Family's "Snake in the Grass 2," respectively. If you've got a favorite gaming-themed strip from this week you'd like to see in the next wrapup, drop a link in the comments, or send in a tip!

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