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Sniper: Ghost Warrior media bangs a few heads


We're not a hard blog to please. Send us some screens and some video, perhaps a trailer that has a badass guitar solo screeching throughout, and you've won us over. That's exactly what's going on in the Sniper: Ghost Warrior multiplayer trailer above.

Sure, there's a whole bunch of sniping to check out but, man, those licks! We just hope that music doesn't play in-game, because we probably won't be able to kill anyone while we're busy headbanging with our leather bracelet and denim vest on.

Accompanying the finger-melting trailer after the break is a bounty of new screens, so if you like your action a bit more still -- but just as violent -- hit up the gallery below.

Gallery: Sniper: Ghost Warrior (5.14.2010) | 6 Photos

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