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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup fears the Siberian snow tiger


And how could we not fear the Siberian tiger? Just look at this terrifying face! British photog Jonathan Griffiths captured the incredible image, and a mess of other close-ups of wild animals, recently for the Telegraph and we couldn't help but share them with you. What does this have to do with webcomics, you ask? Everything.

In going through his photos, you experience the same variety of emotions found in this week's selection of webcomics -- horror, fear, humility, and perhaps a bit of madness -- so please tread carefully when clicking through the links below. And feel free to vote for your favorite in our poll after the break.

Not Worth (NerfNow)
Slavery (WalkingInSquares)
Taking It Too Far (Monday Night Crew)
Give These Guys a Break (Extra Life)
You Need Space Goals (Straight Face Comics)
It Just Looks Smaller in 2D (Virtual Shackles)
Untitled (Sidescroller)


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