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Allods Online new unisex items beg for attention


gPotato released two new outfits and a few other nifty items into their cash shop for Allods Online recently, and we're curious if any of you paid for them. Already some items on the list have created a bit of a stir, either with the price that is asked for it or with the description of an item. For example, while the few clothing items introduced are very lovely on either sex, some have complained that the prices are still too high. For the record, 1700 gPotatoes (the price for the Elven Evening Attire) equals seventeen US dollars.

The one item that we think is the most useful seems to suffer from the worst description: "Ever been stuck in a wall with no GM around and your Adventurer's Stone on cool down? Well, just dig through your couch for a few pennies and purchase a Guiding Shard to take you to your faction's capitol for five cents a trip!" According to some of the comments we've read, it seems like the developers are asking the player to pay when they become stuck, instead of selling a cool return item.

Despite these few issues, there are other items like the Astral Courier (think of it as a bank that comes to you when called) and the Adamantite Chest that might be more to your liking. You can check out the list here.

It will be interesting to see how these new items are received, especially after the large amount of noise their first attempt brought on. We want to know what you think, and if you have plans to buy any of them? We're a little partial to the Evening Attire, ourselves.

[Editor's Note: The description for the Guilding Shard is different in game than it is in the official website announcement that we quoted. The in game cash shop describes the item: "Use: Teleports you to the capital of your faction." We wanted to clarify the intended use for it.]

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