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IntensaFIRE click-on mod bringing programmable / rapid fire modes to PS3 controller

Darren Murph

Xbox 360 gamers may have had a solid year head start, but PlayStation 3 loyalists will soon be able to join the programmable / rapid fire party, too. BGRMods has announced that its much-hyped IntensaFIRE controller mod is finally coming to Sony's latest console, bringing with it fewer installation steps and an equal amount of tinkering possibilities. This new board requires no glue and no solder; users simply "click" it into place and enjoy the spoils of having rapid-fire potential at their fingertips. Purportedly, the mod is useful in "all PlayStation games," and it'll begin shipping out on May 21st for those who just can't game without a macro. We're told that the $69.95 device will also be making its public debut at E3, so you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be hitting the show floor in hopes of snagging a bit of hands-on time come June.

[Thanks, Kristofer B]

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