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Sunday Morning Funnies: Ride 'em

Amanda Miller

This week we have an ocean adventure, a suspicious "murder," a shrewd case of blackmail, and much more.

In related news, my WiFi troubles have cleared up! Big thanks to Kelly Aarons for filling in last week.

This week's discussion topic, should you choose to accept it, is:

Leave a comment about your opinions on artwork in a comic that might get overlooked by many readers. Tell us why you think it's awesome, unique, quirky, or otherwise floats your boat - or your ocean rider 3000, for that matter.

This week's topic was inspired by last week's discussion that resulted from some not-so-constructive criticism left by a commenter. Trolls are inevitable, of course, but the incident reminded me that we see a lot of comments about the super popular comics, and less about the rest, even though there are plenty of positive things to say.


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