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[1. Local]: Tooting of horns


Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

Tootoootoootoooooot! Yeah, I'm about to toot my own horn -- well, the horn I share with fellow Drama Mama Lisa. We so rarely get to hear the results of the advice we give on Drama Mamas, but last week we got the best feedback ever. Tootootooooot! We told AFK to make it work, and he responded:
Hey, Drama Mamas!

I really appreciate your answering my questions. You weren't kidding when you said that you were going to do a lot of finger wagging.

I read your answers, and I read the comments as well. I found Arann and Soonerwolf's comments especially helpful. I talked to my wife today about setting a date night every week for just the two of us, a family day to spend uninterrupted time with our toddler, and a personal day where we are to pursue individual activities. She actually really liked the idea. My wife has told me that she feels neglected before, but I spend every moment that I am not at work with her. I guess guaranteeing her a night together every week was something she wanted all along.

Lisa, Robin, and all of the commentators: thanks so much for your input,
Tootootoooooot! We've got more horns to toot. I may even toot my own horn again, I haven't decided yet. You'll just have to look after the break to see.

Real ID

I think that many of you need to give up what you want the cross-realm and cross-game chat system to be, and just decide whether you want to use what it is. Real ID is pretty much only for friends who play Blizzard games with you who already know your full name and email address. It is not the "hang out with your online chat buddies while playing on different servers, but hide from them when you want to" system that many of us were hoping it would be. Maybe there will be something like that available in the long run, but that's not what Real ID is now. Gregg Reece assuages some fears about what happens if a hacker gets a hold of an account that chooses to participate in Real ID.

Once you have closed the "Add Friend" page where you entered their email address that one time, you never again see their address. At all. Anywhere in the interface.

That is the one and only time their email address is ever shown, when you type it into the box and hit submit.

If I'm a hacker and have just stolen your account, then I can see that you're friends with "Rob Sneider," but I have no idea what his email address is. I only know that he's idling in Dalaran on his gnome warrior Notacarrot and his status is set to "Doing another bad comedy." That's all. I can check his friends and see people he happens to know, but I don't get their email addresses either.

Blizzard isn't as dumb as people give them credit for.
Very well put, Gregg. Tootootootoooooot! But wait, there's more from the readers.

Magma: God I hope we can hide our real names ...

Daedhir: You want to hide you real name from real life friends who know your real name?

Michelle Madison: No you cannot hide your real first and last name attached to the account, which is why I won't be using it.

RogueJedi86: There's no hiding your real name........ RUMPELSTILTSKIN!

RP Spotlight

The reader entries for our weekly bit of RP fun are getting better and better. It's hard to choose! So this week I am tooting the horn of the person who is taking responsibility for the illness my gnome rogue has. But seriously, if reading in-character fun is your thing, take a look at the comments of For Gnomeregan!

Tirrimas: Tabbey slips the small vial of tainted spice back into her belt pouch and slips away, keeping to the shadows. Her lip curls in distaste at the job incompletely done, but her client specifically said not to kill the gnome.

The depths to which a penniless rogue will stoop ...

Stop, collaborate and listen

I honestly didn't know those were the words until my fellow Gleek, Michael Gray, pointed them out in Friday's Moviewatch. So I stopped, listened and collaborated ... kinda. Tootootoooootoooooot! There's also a pop culture education here.

Robin Torres: Word to Broodmother.

cendrekai: You know how to tell what generation you are from? When the song first starts playing, you get mad when you find out it is Under Pressure by David Bowie :P. Come on, come on PRESSURE! Damnit!

Glaras: Yeah, that opening always says "Under Pressure" to me. So I guess *I'M OLD*, thank you very much. And get off my lawn.

KrisseyB: Under pressure is Queen.

Robin Torres: Under Pressure is Queen AND David Bowie. I got over Vanilla Ice stealing the riff when the song first came out.

Angrycelt: Great parody of a terrible song which was a sickening ripoff of a great song. Does that equal redemption yet? Gleeking out right there with ya.

icepyro: So I now realize that I wish I had the situational awareness in raids, as I do when listening to music. I realize this as, while I can understand the call that this is a blatant rip off or whatever, I can tell the riffs apart. Sure, I've gotten it mixed up a time or two, but it's rather rare and usually because the music is in the background and so I miss the differences. Even then, outside of weirdos like me, there is only a few people who would play both enough that context of music, or in cases like this, the video graphics and title, don't make it obvious, even during those few seconds before vocals kick in which it will be.

Oh and now I have appropriate music for my raid tomorrow, awesome!

Since this came up in Robin's thread, I just have to give a shout out: Word to Guildmother. ;)

Thank you, icepyro. Tootoootooooot.

Ha, caughtcha looking! Hey, don't scroll away ... Come join the conversation on these and other posts around the community. We'll see you around in [1.Local]!

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