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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep coming stateside September 7

A trailer embedded in a post on the U.S. PlayStation.Blog has revealed that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, which had previously been promised to hit North American store shelves this summer, has received a firm release date of September 7. If you're extra enthusiastic about vanquishing the Heartless, the post explains that you'll also be able to pick up a hardware bundle that includes the game, an unannounced movie, a 4GB memory stick and a "Mystic Silver" (that's fancy-speak for "plain ol' silver") PSP-3000 on the same day.

The PlayStation.Blog post didn't mention a price for this package -- we'd guess it'll be around the usual $199.99 price point that other PSP bundles are currently being offered for, but we've contacted Sony to try and get a more official number. In the meantime, check out the brand new, ever-so-brief trailer for Birth by Sleep that's posted above.

Update: A press release accompanying this announcement just arrived in our inbox, revealing a handful of the game's auspicious cast of voice actors: Mark Hamill, Willa Holland, Jesse McCartney, James Woods and Leonard Nimoy. Oh, Nimoy, our oldest friend. It's been too long.

Update 2: A Square Enix representative confirmed the bundle will retail for $199.99.

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