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Netflix turns on HD indicator, queue for PC (including WMC) & Mac Watch Instantly streamers


Not that there was any doubt left, but we're getting numerous reports of users seeing the "HD" indicator appear while watching Netflix streams through the Silverlight player for PCs and Macs. Also, a special queue indicating the subset of content available for off-TV HD streaming is live now so users can see what is and isn't on the list (the HD is available boxart popup notifications are there as well, but don't appear to be entirely accurate.) Media Center streamers are in luck as well, as posters on The Green Button have noticed, although there's no indication within the client or queue itself in the WMC frontend the 3800kbps HD streams come through just fine. Unfortunately, we don't recommend anyone else watch Lost season one right now -- after last week's Across the Sea debacle it's just too painful.

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